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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Healthy Living Essay Contest

Be Healthy Beverly, in partnership with the Beverly Public Schools and our local school PTOs recently held a contest inviting students to submit an original drawing (for K- 1) and written essay (all grade levels) describing how they are learning to eat well and how family and school encourage trying new foods to stay healthy.

There were many wonderful entries and choosing winners from Cove Elementary School was a fun challenge because of the thoughtful, beautifully executed entries. All submissions were judged on originality and creativity as well as sentence structure and grammar supporting the student’s ideas.

There were two winners from Cove Elementary School whose entries were sent on to the district level contest.

Eric Moyle, from Mrs. Smith’s first grade, won for the grade level kindergarten through first grade.

Luciano Hoxhaj, from Mrs. Egan’s fourth grade, was the winner for the grade 4 – 5 entries.

Both winners from Cove received $10 prize money awarded by our Cove PTO President, Susan MacKinnon. 

On February 13th we learned that Eric Moyle also won for his grade level for the entire Beverly School District. He received a $50 gift card at a ceremony for the winners at the Beverly YMCA on February 13.

We are so proud of our winners (look for Eric and Luciano’s entries -- to be hanging in the Cove Elementary School lobby soon! ) and, of all our contributing students.  Thanks you for your participation!

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  1. Congrats to the winners. I think this a great contest. This type of contest more should be held.
    over here