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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Connecting Books with a Pen-Pal

Third graders, Olivia and Beatrix, mailing letters to a 92 year old, Caroline. Aiken in Springfield Vermont. The girls had just finished reading White Star: A Dog on the Titanic by Marty Crisp.  The girls reported on what they learned about the Titanic and asked Caroline about what her childhood was like during that era.  The story is about a 12 year old boy Sam Harris who befriends a dog, Star, a spunky Irish setter that belongs to the ship's captain. When disaster strikes Sam and Star rely on each other more than ever. They really enjoyed learning about what it must have been like to be aboard the Titanic. We look forward to receiving letters from our pen-pal in Vermont!
~Nancy Garvey

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More from Invention Convention!

A Snapshot of Invention Convention - 5th Grade

Real World Connections with Literacy

Our 4th grade Wise Owl reading group is reading the book, Touch Blue by Newbury Honor author, Cynthia Lord. This fiction story is based upon a true story of a small island in Maine that takes in foster students to keep their schoolhouse open. In this book, the main character, Tess and her family take a chance on Aaron, a 13 year old trumpet player who has been bounced from home to home.   This warm- hearted story offers a thoughtful and humorous view about what it is like to belong and how lucky we feel when we do.


The students prepared questions for Robin Hough, a Beverly foster mom, pictured here with one of her foster children, a year old boy.

~Nancy Garvey

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Enjoy Your Day with Loved Ones : )

Healthy Living Essay Contest

Be Healthy Beverly, in partnership with the Beverly Public Schools and our local school PTOs recently held a contest inviting students to submit an original drawing (for K- 1) and written essay (all grade levels) describing how they are learning to eat well and how family and school encourage trying new foods to stay healthy.

There were many wonderful entries and choosing winners from Cove Elementary School was a fun challenge because of the thoughtful, beautifully executed entries. All submissions were judged on originality and creativity as well as sentence structure and grammar supporting the student’s ideas.

There were two winners from Cove Elementary School whose entries were sent on to the district level contest.

Eric Moyle, from Mrs. Smith’s first grade, won for the grade level kindergarten through first grade.

Luciano Hoxhaj, from Mrs. Egan’s fourth grade, was the winner for the grade 4 – 5 entries.

Both winners from Cove received $10 prize money awarded by our Cove PTO President, Susan MacKinnon. 

On February 13th we learned that Eric Moyle also won for his grade level for the entire Beverly School District. He received a $50 gift card at a ceremony for the winners at the Beverly YMCA on February 13.

We are so proud of our winners (look for Eric and Luciano’s entries -- to be hanging in the Cove Elementary School lobby soon! ) and, of all our contributing students.  Thanks you for your participation!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February News from Preschool

     February Preschool News

We are into our second week of our theme, The World of Color.  Some topics covered in this unit will be color names, color mixing, stains, fading, camouflage, and color patterns.  Through the Story Time books, the children will hear about a dog that stains his white coat, a lion who paints pictures, a boy who gets special letters from his grandmother, and a rabbit who wants to buy a special shirt.  We will continue to learn about letters and sounds, including rhyming words and the children will participate in music, poetry, mathematics, science, and art activities. 

    Theme Concepts
 *Color is one thing that makes our world beautiful, both in nature and through art.
 *Color can carry information.
 *Paints and dyes are used to color other things and are mixed to make new colors.
 *Different substances can cause stains of different colors.
 *Sun and washing often bleach colors-make them fade.
 *Color is an identifying feature of many natural things. 

 After reading Max’s Dragon Shirt, the children had fun designing their own special shirts like the rabbit in the story.  Some made dragons and others designed their own favorite shirts.  Right now, our Dramatic Play area is a Laundromat, where the children are sorting clothes by patterns and colors, and working with coins.  Some other activities this month will be finger painting, matching colored objects to the colored picture, using an eye dropper to mix primary colors on paper towels, creating secondary colors,  adding food coloring to our play dough, and predicting, observing, and writing about paper that fades over a period of three weeks.   The unit will end with our dramatic play area being turned into a post office.  The children will take turns playing different roles (e.g. customer, postal worker) at the post office, buying stamps, mailing letters, making special deliveries, and stamping letters.  The writing center will allow them to write their own letters and postcards.  It will be a busy and fun unit.   

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mrs. Russo's Fifth Grade


This week in reading we started unit 3 which focuses on the big question, “What do people gain from the work of inventors and artists?” This week’s question was, “How do inventors inspire our imaginations?”. We read an amusing drama about a science fair where the children invented a perpetual motion machine! How timely for us! We worked on sequencing and tenses of verbs. Future tense proved to be a little tricky.

In math we finished up learning about patterns. The students took a pre-test on fractions. We will start our fractions unit on Monday with new groups. Our goal is to get a small head start before vacation on what fractions are and review equivalent fractions. When we return we’ll push full steam ahead on all operations with fractions, decimals, and percents. Whew!

In writing the students continued editing and revising their invertebrate stories. These will be turned into books that they will share with their second grade buddies. The final draft is due on Tuesday. They were reminded to bring them home just in case!

In science we continued our invention unit. All logos, slogans, drawings (with at least 3 views), paragraphs, and prototypes are due on Thursday. The students are going to practice explaining their inventions to the three 5th grade classes. The actual Invention Convention is on Friday from 9-10:30. Feel free to stop by if you can! Remember that the invention is just a model. It doesn’t really have to work.

In fifth grade we don’t officially celebrate Valentine’s Day in order to avoid any emotional difficulties. Instead we have a voluntary activity where the students chose one name out of a container. They will create a word search for that person. They got the template on Thursday. They need to come up with 10 kind words to describe the person. Then they make the word search. Please check to make sure your child knows who their secret person is. We will exchange our word searches on Thursday.

No School - February 11, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Math and Science Night

For All 2nd and 3rd Grade Families
Family Math and Science Night is February 27, 2013

A Notice for Family Math & Science Night went home this week. Please be sure to RSVP using the registration form. Please do so by this Monday. Volunteers want to be well prepared for our event!

No School Due to Predicted Blizzard!

No School Today-Friday February 8th!
Stay Warm and Be Safe : ) 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Homework Tips

Homework can be overwhelming for some children.  As a result, homework time can be a stressful time for the entire family.  Here are 10 simple and easy ideas to help you and your child manage their homework. 

  1. Be consistent
  2. Have clear expectations
  3. Help your child with organizational tasks
  4. Establish communication with your child’s teacher
  5. Help your child prioritize their homework
  6. Break down longer assignments using a timeline
  7. Take a break if necessary
  8. Use technology if possible
  9. Provide incentives
10. Encourage, encourage, encourage


LD Online- Being an Efficient Homework Helper: Turning a Chore into a Challenge
LD Online-Helping Children with Executive Functioning Problems Turn in Their Homework

Grace Scherer and Jenn Bent, Special Education Teachers